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Return Notice

Shipping Instructions

  • The company's products are uniformly distributed by Shenxing logistics company.

  • Delivery is normal on the main island of Taiwan, and the shipping fee for outlying islands (including Lianjiang Matsu, Ludao, Lanyu, and Liuqiu Township) is calculated separately. Please do not use a post office box for the delivery address.

  • For overseas distribution, please contact our customer service, and a dedicated person will serve you.※The antibacterial liquid product series is only sold domestically

Return the Goods

According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, consumers who purchase on the official website have the right to appreciate the goods within seven days of arrival.  

  • The seven-day hesitation period is not a trial period!

  • Calculation of the seven-day appreciation period: from the day the consumer signs and receives the package to the seventh day (including holidays).

  • Items must be returned in new and unused condition.

  • To apply for a return, please contact customer service within seven days of receiving the product to facilitate subsequent processing.

  • The used promotional offers, coupons and shopping credits are no longer valid after the checkout is completed, and cannot be retrieved after the return application is established, please understand.

  • After confirming the return application, it means agreeing to our return policy and accepting our related follow-up processing matters.


If you purchased the wrong size product, please return the original product and order again.

Please note that the following items cannot be returned or exchanged

  • TKD antibacterial solution series: After opening, the product cannot be returned or exchanged.

  • Damages caused by man-made sabotage, natural disasters or power supply problems cannot be returned or exchanged.

  • Products purchased through non-company distribution channels.

  • The product has been repaired or disassembled by technicians not authorized by the company.

  • Warranty labels, product serial numbers, or tamper-evident stickers are altered, damaged, or unclear.

If you have any return or product-related questions, please contact customer service

|LINE| @sii1706z

|Facebook|TKD airbank


|Customer Service|03-461-7269 / 0809-080-449

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