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About Us


TKD uses patents and technologies to develop products for "human health and vehicle safety". With the green atmosphere as the trademark, it shows the determination to protect the global environment and the health and safety of the whole family. "A car with family members, driving is the backbone of the family, and passengers are the main driving force for driving to the front." Therefore, whether it is vehicle safety equipment or personnel health products, Taiwan Dakedi continues to focus on this, The sustainable management goal of "people and vehicles, health, safety, and environmental protection".



As a global auto parts manufacturer, TKD is expanding its business globally. Our TKD employees work in many countries and are dedicated to providing products that meet the needs of our customers worldwide!


Have the best team

TKD has the best team, the most professional technology and the best sales skills. It has high reputation and brand professional ability in the industry. It pursues environmental protection technology and adheres to the concept of sustainable operation.​


SGS Certification

All products have passed the inspection of SGS international professional certification, and have passed the test of non-toxic inspection, meeting world-class standards.


Passed the TTRI national level PM2.5 test, blocking filtration more than 99%

Evaluate the filtering effect and dust load of coarse dust and medium dust air filters, as well as the filtration and leakage effects of high performance (HEPA) and ultra-high performance (ULPA) air filters. This technical content meets the testing requirements of ASHRAE52.2, EN779, EN1822 and IEST-RP-CC007.1 and other international standards.


Dirty display type exclusive international patent certification

The air-conditioning air-conditioning filter has won the exclusive international patented dirt display function in Taiwan and mainland China, allowing consumers to easily identify the filter replacement action when using it, without causing waste problems, and indirectly enhancing body protection.

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