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The indoor mask order is expected to be lifted, experts: wear it when you should wear it, don't make people have to take it off!

     Central Epidemic Command Center

Intention to lift the indoor mask order again,

Qiu Zheng, Vice President of Linkou Chang Gung Hospital

Xun said that the indoor mask order should not

"All lifted", high-risk field

You still have to wear them in areas such as long-term photos, medical

medical institutions or densely populated places.

He believes that the lifting of the mask order is not

Tell the people of the country to take it off, you should wear it

You still have to wear it at the right time, the current epidemic

The love situation is similar to that before the Chinese New Year,

It is still during the epidemic, and Chinese people still cannot ignore it.

     Qiu Zhengxun reminded that the epidemic is still not over. Although this wave of epidemics may reach its peak soon and then decline, the number of local cases has never dropped below 10,000. It is the best anti-epidemic measure, and Chinese people still cannot relax!
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