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   The untold secret of TKD antibacterial solution   

TKD antibacterial solution fromAll natural antibacterial plant alkaloids,GoodAntibacterial ability,Purify the indoor environment.

The biological activity of the main component antibacterial plant alkaloids canBacterial membrane perforation kills, for viruses, it can destroy the viral lipid membrane with the interface activity, allowing it to disintegrate.

The principle of deodorization is based onAdsorb odor source moleculeswith itchemical chelation, neutralizes the odor.

In addition, this product is blended with natural plant-extracted essential oils, which can also produce a sensory deodorizing effect.

     TKD antibacterial solution passedGLP professional laboratory certification, passed eye, skin, and repeated inhalation toxicology tests, safenon-toxic,Effective antibacterial, removesmell.

     Addall naturalEssential oils extracted from plants, with a faint woody aroma, faintly bring asedationandto heal, to help yourSoul Precipitation, slightly fragrant, fulfill your wish!


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