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​TKD antibacterial solution series, passed international laboratory certification

COVID-19 suppression


Indoor Air Purification System

indoor / terilization


​Washing your hands can wash away germs, but what about your body?

TKD spray antibacterial machine responds to modern changes and pursues a reassuring living environment. The spray antibacterial machine is suitable for all kinds of small-scale environments. The antibacterial molecules penetrate into every dead corner of the environment to create a sterile environment for the family, eliminate odors in the air, and enjoy the new Life.


Antibacterial purification, safe and effective

TKD Fragrance Concentrated Antibacterial Liquid

AGU-200 Nano Antibacterial Fog Machine


• Effective against various life pathogens

• Coat allergens and dust mite particles in the settled air

• Coated and neutralized odor molecules to improve air quality

• Add pure natural plant essential oils for comfort and tranquility

• Lucky positive energy essential oil formula, also suitable for home use

• TKD antibacterial solution has passed the non-toxic certification and is 100% safe

• TKD antibacterial solution has passed the third-party notary GLP laboratory safety certification and SGS efficacy certification

Main ingredients: natural alkaloids, pure water
Capacity: 10 bottles (100ml/bottle)
How to use: 1 bottle of TKD concentrated antibacterial solution can be used for 5000ml of pure water, pour all into AGU-200 antibacterial smoke machine
Product origin: Taiwan (R&D, manufacturing)


Near nanometer atomized particles

  • Industry-leading perfect atomization, with an average particle size of 0.5-3 microns (about 1/10 the size of a general humidifier).

  • Brownian motion is formed in the space, rapidly diffused and suspended in the air for more than 60 minutes,Continuous comprehensive antibacterial.

full room coverage

  • 3D distribution, penetrates into gaps, dead ends, and air-conditioning ducts that are generally inaccessible, and completes disinfection and antibacterial with zero dead ends.

efficient diffusion

  • The maximum atomization area is 1,000m2.

  • Spray for 10 minutes to cover 80-100m2, about 24-30 pings.

flexible operation

  • One-key setting of various situation modes (daily, night, high efficiency, economic mode).

  • Customized mode to meet the needs of various fields and spaces.


skin contact test


Inhalation Toxicology Test


eye irritation test


Antibacterial test report


Cell Non-Toxic Assay

COVID-19 suppression



Dimensions: 245*275*680 (D*W*Hmm)
Weight: 16.5 kg 

Material: Stainless steel
Rated power: 200w

​ Enterprise × Home × Commercial 

​ The era of indoor purification is coming

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