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Applicable models

Forester 2009-2018

Impreza 2008-2018


𝙌: What is a dirty display filter?
𝘼: Car owners can identify the totem according to the dirt on the filter, and know when to replace the filter

(It is not necessary to replace according to the number of kilometers, because the air quality in the driving area is different, and the filter replacement time is also different)

Product Features "TKD Dirty Display Air Conditioning Filter" ➜ "PM2.5 Filter + Dirt Identification" = 2 kinds of enjoyment for one price
✅Strictly selected and manufactured in Taiwan, passed the PM2.5 inspection of the Textile Research Institute and the SGS non-toxic test report
✅Exclusive→Dirt identification, judge with the naked eye, when to replace the filter, at a glance

✅The strongest → prolong the service life of the air-conditioning system
✅Strongest → purify the air
✅Strongest → Strongly filter PM2.5, dust, pollen
✅Strongest→Isolate allergens and dust mites

●Main ingredients: the first layer of electrostatic cotton, the second layer of non-woven fabric.
●Storage period: valid forever if unopened.
●Precautions: Replace when it reaches the dirty display standard, so as to maintain the air quality in the car and protect the operation of the air conditioner in the car.

●Please pay attention when placing an order: please be sure to choosevehicle type+ year

(The filter specifications of each model and year are different, mainly based on the shipped products)

Subaru TKD Car Air Conditioner Air Conditioner Filter